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Re: Left Shoulder/Arm/Chest Discomfort/pain ... heart ruled out.

since they have ruled out cardiac possibilitys,the next best place to start looking for the trigger would be in the actual shoulder for a possible rotator cuff tear of some degree(just was Dxed with this and it actually started back in 89 when lifting weights.felt a huge burn that eventually went away after a week of rest).i had absolutely no clue that this was actually as bad as it got to be with a full thickness tear in the supraspinatus tendon.the pain was not all that bad but i would get knife like jabs upon certain movements so my doc just did an MRI.i was a bit shocked at the extent of damage,but i guess with this type of injury,many people actually have it but just don't realize it as the pain in many cases doesn't 'get really bad" til it gets to a certain point.that is where i am at right now.

the other possible place to look for the trigger would be in the c spine area of the spinal column.many possible issues could be going on in there that can cause pain and a host of other symptoms,within the neck,shoulder,chest and down to the all depends on just what area is affected and by what.and in some cases,depending on what is actually affected within the c spine,you can actually have symptoms all the way down to the feet.but that would be with some level of actual spinal cord involvement.but i would really speak with your doc about having an MRI done on that problem shoulder and the c spine at the same time.they can do both at the same time,one after the other.i think these two areas arewhere you would mostlikely find the issue that could be causing your symptoms.JMO.i wish you luck in finding the source of this.please let me know just what you actually find out,K? **
3-22-01,herniated C-6-7
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