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Re: Left Shoulder/Arm/Chest Discomfort/pain ... heart ruled out.

Thanks again for the replies.

It's actually interesting you mention the shoulder, because when I was in high school I tore my rambus (spelling?) muscle (under the Scapula right?) in a wrestling match. I went through some physical therapy and really haven't had a problem with it at all. I have had that weird burning pain in the back of my shoulder near where the injury was, but it usually never last too long (a day or so). I've felt the burning pain only when I've moved in a very silly direction, like pulling socks from my drawer lol. This is very rare though.

I've also felt the tightness in my left calf. This eventually went away. One other thing I have experienced is numbness in my fingers in both hands. It's usually just my pinky and the finger next to it.

I actually shot the cardiologist I saw a quick email and he asked that I come in again. I'm hoping he'll then refer me to some one else. Not that I don't have faith in my family Dr., but after more than six months of this I'm starting to get a bit frustrated.

I've looked up "trigger points" and have found some very interesting information. What was described in the articles I read sounded very familiar to what I've been experiencing. I've noticed these small nodules not just in my chest, but also just above my elbow and neck.

I'm trying to keep my responses as organized as possible, so I apologize now for any overload of info . One thing that I thought of this morning was an incident a few weeks ago. I was sound asleep and was awoken by some pretty major muscle spasms/pain in my left shoulder and arm. It was actually quit excruciating and lasted for a good hour or so. The muscles in my left arm (particularly in my fore arm) kept tightening, releasing, tightening etc. This seems kind of consistent with the trigger points, but I'll try not to self diagnose before seeing a Dr.

Ok so I think thatís it for now. I'll post an update as soon as I find out more. Thanks much again for the replies. There is certainly a wealth of knowledge here!