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Re: Something I still don't understand...

In my book, "Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain, A Survival Manual", by Devin Starlanyl she states that FMS is a central nervous system disorder, that it is not a musculoskeletal disorder, is not progressive, that it is not the same as CMP, and that it is not an autoimmune condition.

I think in my case, when my cmp is untreated or if I need myofascial release from over-doing it, and I don't get it taken care of, that triggers a flare or even if i just do too much, i will trigger a flare. And add on change in weather and the time change, not sleeping well, and the flare worsened. Now I am in a hypersensitive state where light and sound hurt. (the sound of my lap top is driving me crazy so i have to hurry and get off of here) I don't think i should keep throwing myself in and out of flares if at all possible. And for me to start painting a room is sheer insanity and i am paying for it now, and didn't paint hardly any of it. I have been living my life throwing my self into flares, recovering, and overdoing and flaring again. It is time to stop that and admit to myself that i just cannot do the things i used to and the things that need to be done or i want to do. I'm not that person anymore.

Since fms is a cns disorder and i keep slamming my body with stress, that spells injury and re-injury. and this can lead to a flare like i had at the beginning in which i was bedridden and had every kind of flare symptom imaginable. But no I don't believe that FMS is progressive. I just think my cns can only take so much. and i realize that it is definitely time for me to back off and kick back and when it's time to get moving again, to go slow.

Ofcourse, I am going by my own experience and what I have read about in this book. I am not an authority on fibromyalgia by any means.