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Re: Something I still don't understand...

You have stumbled on a very complicated issue. There is not enough known about Fibro to know if it is progressive or just that flareups happen and never go away or is it just that you genetics are already programmed to have other issues that are being lumped into the Fibro diagnosis because all tests are negative. This is a fairly new diagnosis and the entire medical establishment are NOT behind it and probably half of all docs don't even believe there is such a thing yet even they are hard pressed to explain the pain when all blood work and other tests showed nothing....what do you call it and how do you prescribe pain medications without a they say it is Fibro. Gosh who knows...have you seen the list of symptoms that 'could' be part of Fibro...hole cow it includes every symptom every known and the kitchen sink! I feel you must live your life to the fullest...not just sit and watch the world go by because the body is going to age no matter what you do and if you are meant to progress to a bed/w/c then that is what will happen will happen regardless of what you do now so I myself would not just sit and not participate...only a few progress in that direction. I too am very physical... building and repairing and changing tires and whatever needs to be hurts but it hurts anyway and now I have additional symptoms that come with aging so you treat the symptoms and get on with living. Glad you asked the difficult questions. Just live and enjoy.