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Re: Constantly coughing up phlegm

O my! Have you been to a doctor, a pulmonologist? I have a horrible cough like that when I wake up and he is FINALLY doing a cat scan and said something about mucous tests, and antibiotics, mine is mostly white, but also comes from my sinuses and in the morning is so thick I feel llike I am going to puke. it is so embarrassing for my poor teenaged daughter., I did used to smoke, but my lungs are clear on the xray, most of you sound like you need inhalers or tests, please try to push for more help. If you are coughing up green mucuous that is bad, that is infection. If you have chronic broncitis it can be yellow at times. While I am doing my 45 minute coughing stint in the morning I also shake really bad, have no idea if the two are related I was sent to JOHN HOpkins for the shaking and they hardly did a thing and sent me a way saying it was probly pyscosomatic. Now the lung stuff, though, does anyones mucous smell bad? My doc is checking me for bronchiectasis I already have copd of some emphysema and chronic broncitis. this was just my second visit with him, last time he tried to tell me i never had asthma, now I do, he is rather flaky, but seemed calmer this time and like really listened. I also cough up and I think it comes from my sinuses little mucous plugs that smell awful he said that can happen......I guess I will find out soon enough, at least finally got cat scan we'll see .....please go try for some help especially the last poster, sorry I can't go see your name or I will lose my post, I am not good with that computer stuff...good luck....!!!! Oh i was talking about Ima mystery , could it be allergies? my doc also wants me to go see the ent and allergy doc again.

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