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Re: Cast Claustrophobia

I just googled 'Cast Claustrophobia' and of the few results that returned, only one result has a solution I would like to give it a try.

Someone had a cast put on and she was cast claustrophobic, so when she visited her dr. they removed the cast and put her in a new one. Once the cast dried, they saw and split the cast in half and used elastic bandages to secure it back into one piece. She said knowing that she can remove the cast when she panics helps with the claustrophobia. I'm surprised how little documentation is out there about cast claustrophobia.

I want to heal properly, but the panic attack is getting worse by the day. Most likely I will need a new cast since the current one is pretty torn up from the panic attacks. I have crushed a corner of the cast with my bare hands because it was so bad. This is arguably worse than any sort of injuries I've had.

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