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Food Getting Stuck


I have had a problem since I was a little boy. During eating, which I do slowly and I do chew well, food will often get stuck in my throat. A small sip of liquid/water will often wash it down and allow me to continue. However, sometimes it does not and I have to get sick. Very irritating, especially if you out having a meal with others, and you have to rush to the bathroom.

What happens, is the food feels like it is stuck in the throat, and then if I eat some more or drink some liquid, it either washes it down OR it gets stuck on top. If gets stuck on top I need to go to bathroom and the quickest way to clear it is to stick my finger down my throat. I never vomit stomache acids but just saliva and a few pieces of my food.

Has anyone else ever had this or do you know what it is and how it can be resolved. It has been going on for 15 years now. Happens more so with tough foods like steak, & not so much with liquid foods.

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