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Vomiting for 9 weeks, please help.

I'm a 20 year old female and I have been vomiting for almost 9 weeks now. I've been hospitalized and been to the ER and Doctors. No one knows what's wrong so far. I throw up about 10-20+ times a day, bloated, insomnia, a LOT of lower abdominal pain and constipation (With random diarrhea), my tongue turned yellow in the back and one of the Doctors just told me to brush my teeth better which is obviously not the problem. It doesn't come off.

A friend of mine mentioned IBS as a possibility but the more I've read up on it the more I've noticed a lack of vomiting as a symptom. Has ANYONE ever heard of anything like this? I need to know what it might be since the doctors can't figure it out. I'm digesting food properly, it's not an infection and it's not my gallbladder, they ruled that out.

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