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Re: Food Getting Stuck

You might have a Motility problem with your esophagus. I went thru the same problems for years until I could not even get water down. You might have to have a endoscopy done. The motility in your esophagus is the muscles contracting to push the food down, when they don't work, you will get the food stuck. The endoscopy is when they put the tube down your throat to see what the problem is. It does not hurt, most of the time they put you out and you don't even know what has happened, you won't feel a thing. I have had several done, both awake and asleep. They usually want you awake to see if there is motility, that is so when they tell you to swallow you will swallow. I cannot eat meat or anything solid, sometimes bread will also give me a problem.

Hope this has been of some help.......