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Re: Cast Claustrophobia

Sorry you are having such a bad time with it. This past Friday I had two pins put in my foot into the bone to hold my bone graft together. Was not looking forward to it at all. THe procedure went well but the next am after the drugs wore off, I was in excruciating pain. And I mean pain. My husband gave me the percocet the doctor prescribed if I needed it, but did not work. I took it every two hours and got real sick, threw up and was compeletely miserable. That continued for the entire day. I took probably 10 percocet, morethan the daily amount recommended and still did not work. We called our doctor and he recommended more percocet. The next am, I told my husbnad that we had to go to the hospital. THey gave me more pain meds, and morphine and took over my splint. And guess what,,,, it felt better. I beleive the majority of my pain was due to the splint being put on too tight. IT was just awful. I really wanted to die that day. SO, I know what you are going through. I wanted to pull that splint off, but didnt. SHould have but did not.