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Re: My HIDA scan = 0%

My symptoms aren't diarrhea, it's a constant gnawing, frequent bowel movements which are solid usually covered in mucus/blood, rectal bleeding off and on, migratory arthritis - all fit the Crohn's diagnosis two years ago. I have had "attacks" off and on for years even before the constant pain. I think there is a relation between inflammatory bowel disease and gall bladders failing.

What I'm curious about and can't find anything on the Internet is getting a reading of 0%. If I don't have stones or inflammation how can it just not be working? I am mad I have to wait for a nurse to call me again since the other nurse was just wanting to refer me to a surgeon when I have a history of IBD too, I have questions and I really feel bad all the time, not just during an attack. I don't even know if I'm supposed to continue to take the asacol I've been on!

I used to think removing the gall bladder could make things worse in some cases, but in my case if it isn't working at ALL I don't suppose I have anything to lose (except my gall bladder!). I'm just confused as to how I will get better removing it if it's in there and not working (and obviously causing pain). I do hope it fixes the bloating and burping too! I'm almost excited to maybe have a fix to all of this. I need more information and I'm having a hard time finding anything that fits my situation.