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Re: Anyone, after HBP diagnosis and lifestyle change, eliminate or drastically reduce

Because of dietary and lifestyle changes, I've been able to significantly reduce medication, and significantly improve my blood pressure, heart disease and overall health.

I have taken my blood pressure an average of seven times per day over the past 9 years, so I have over 23,000 bp readings, and eight pounds of notes of what worked, for me, and what didn't work.

For the entire years of both 2002, and 2003, my blood pressure averaged about 151/96. I had been on a lousy diet of fast foods, potato chips, beer, constant snacking and large servings. When I was younger, I think that my body was able to tolerate my poor diet, even though I had significant heart disease.

During 2003, and the first half of 2004, my health worsened, and I couldn't sleep unless sitting straight up, and I couldn't watch TV unless I was sitting straight up. Perhaps, after I entered my 60's, my body hit that proverbial stone wall.

So, in 2004, for the first time in my life, I started eating a healthier diet. I am now on a modified form of the Dash 2000 calorie diet.

The results speak for themselves:

For 2004, my average blood pressure, based on over 2000 readings was 146/90, down from the 2003 average of 151/96.

For 2005, my average bp dropped down to 139/86, based on over 2500 readings.

For 2006, my average bp dropped down to 136/79, based on over 3200 readings.

So far, for 2007 my average bp reading is 126/74, based on over 2300 readings.

I have dropped three medications, have reduced my calcium channel blocker by 50% and am on a minimal dose of an Ace Inhibitor.

The Dash Diet has been touted as an effective diet to reduce blood pressure and to improve health. The difficult job is staying on it. If I could go back on my old, gluttonous diet, I would do it in a heartbeat. But, if I want to continue to enjoy my current good health, I've got to behave myself at the dinner table, and avoid the high blood pressure triggers that I have uncovered via my 23,000 blood pressure readings and associated notes.
⇒ Avoid unhealthy chemicals,odors,irritants
⇒ 7 low cal meals 1500 cals; weights
⇒ 12.5 coreg;.125 digoxin
⇒ 2002 BP was 151/96; readings:1,423
⇒ From 2008-2017 BP was 119/69; readings:7,514

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