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Re: Anyone, after HBP diagnosis and lifestyle change, eliminate or drastically reduce

Originally Posted by dmer View Post
If you don't mind my asking, what is your weight in relation to the optimum and what was it before you achieved these results.
I was at 178 pounds, and am now at 125 lbs, with a bmi of 18.5. The only negative is that my wife does not like a skinny hubby. But she understands, and prefers a skinny, living hubby, to a bulkier dead or sickly hubby. My illness had really been difficult for her also.

Hmmmm!? Another negative is that my clothes don't fit me any more.

Another positive is that I get filled up easily, so being on a small portion diet is no longer a problem. At first, it took a lot of self control to get used to it.

Also, do you include any exercise regimen?
Not much at first. Just some walking each day. But, as my heart failure improved, I was able to do more. I am now lifting weights, several times per day. The weight lifting really helps my morale, and helps me burn calories. I read on the Diabetes Board, from a Type I diabetic, that weight lifting really helped in controlling his diabetes, so I started weight lifting early this year.

I've significantly altered my diet, probably not as strict as the DASH, but sub 2,000 calories per day.
How long have you been on the diet? What improvements have you noticed? How often do you go off of it?

I hear you about the "old ways". I live in LA where the fast food isn't nearly as tempting (at least for me) as in my previous home, Chicago. A good Italian beef and sausage sandwich or Lou Malnati's pizza would put me in jeopardy!
Boy do I miss pizza. And beer. And subs. But, I don't miss being sickly.

Have you noticed an improvement in your blood pressure while on your diet? How often do you take your blood pressure reading?

The next few days might be rough, with all of the smells of turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing and gravy, etc. Shoot me now!!!
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