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Weird "popping/cracking" sound in my ears..

I'm looking to find any information on the lines of diagnosing the symptoms of having popping in one or both of my ears (sometimes my left more than my right) that tends to happen either A) when I'm eating, or B) When I start to say certain words that seem to put more pressure in my ears such as "B" words that cause a slight pop in my ear when talking.

The only thing that I can think of these symptoms stemming from were from back in August when I took a bike ride during a hotter day of summer and as I got to the top of one of the hills to take a break, I tried stopping at a drive way and my tires slid on some cinders causing me to take a plunge on the drive way entrance. As I caught myself and slowly stood up, I felt like I was very light headed and was almost about to pass out, during that time I felt something going on in my head/ears where it began to feel "full" for some reason, and later the next day I began having these popping sensations or cracking in my ears ever since, mostly like I said, when I eat, or tend to think about it sometimes opens up my eustachian tubes just by itself.

Does this have anything to do with the Tensor Tympani, since this is what the local ENT said to look into after I would go back to him after I gave my problem "a few months". Or are there other muscles that cause the eustachian tubes to possibly open up at random times during eating, yawning, and the like? I have also had Tinnitus that started in July after going to a night club 2 nights in a row with the loudest music I ever heard, but I don't think these 2 symptoms of ringing and popping in my ears are related, but perhaps they are.

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