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Re: Weird "popping/cracking" sound in my ears..

All jokes aside, I hope everyday that one day it will resolve itself, since, like you said, the body is an amazing thing afterall. I just wish there was something that could be done to diagnose it and help treat it, such as possibly even having something like a common surgery where they might just open up your E-tubes to see if there's anything out of place or blocking/sticking to the e-tubes that causes them to open at random times.

Or maybe there's the possibility of just having a test/surgery done to just perhaps rub sometype of liquid that is semi solid that might cause the e-tubes to become very slippery and could open only when it needs to... or perhaps maybe the other direction of creating a little blockage in the e-tubes by way of botulism or some type of shot that could cause a little swelling in and around the e-tubes.

I'm just not sure what's going on at all really, but I'm just looking for some answers as to what could possibly be going on, since I don't really want to have to wait a few more months until my ENT says I should come back, since the ears are one of the slowest healing parts of the body.

It kinda does seem at times that the popping is getting better from day to day, but there will be random times when it seems like it is ever present, and annoying as heck. Perhaps I will develop a cold or some type of flu where my sinuses might get blocked up and maybe something will happen within my body that causes it to go back to the normal state like it once was a few months ago.