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Re: Weird "popping/cracking" sound in my ears..

Hi Brooke, thanks for the replies.

I have been to a local ENT once a month beginning in August when I was diagnosed with Tinnitus, and I had some quick test done to see if there was any blockage at the time or anything, and they said that my ears looked totally fine and my hearing was one of the best in all their patients dating to 2 years back.
My dad has had wax build up in his ears before, I think, but I really doubt at this point that it is the build up of wax of any kind, although I am definitely open to the idea of trying to have it syringed in the future for any possible relief. I just find it weird how it all started the date after I had a minor bike accident and almost fainted from exhaustion/ not enough blood going to my head after I got on my feet.

But thanks for the replies, I'll definitely look into the possibility of having my ears syringed in the future to see if anything remotely might be the root cause of this.