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Skin Problems

Since last winter it started to get cold out. And at football practice i would notice that when i started to get my body warm in the cold i would itch like crazy. After a while i would stop itching but there were really tiny dots all over my body. Even when im cold and i walk into a hot room i start to itch and then turn really red in small prickly spots. Then in the summer months i would breakout heavily when i sweat after running or when my body reaches a certain tempature i would look scaley but only itch for a little bit. Even sometimes when i get nervous i would itch really bad and turn red. I am a teen and african american. IT is really tuff every single day to just make it through i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I been to all kinds of doctors allergens dermatologist disease name it. NONE of them had an answers..not hives...tried histimines benedrayle all kinds of hives meds...this is like a last resourt..if anyone has a clue please respond. Thank You

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