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Re: Upper right abdominal pain...need some input

I have read that anytime you experience abdominal pain for more than 5 hours it is a good idea to see a doctor or go to the ER. Do you have an ask-a-nurse hotline in your area, or do you have an urgent care center you could get yourself to?

It does sound to me like GB as well. I would strongly suggest just calling your doctor or some healthcare provider and seeing what they say, and whether they think you should be seen sooner than later.

If you eat, eat bland, easy to digest and no fat foods. The ER doc told me to stick to clear liquids for 24 hours after an attack, such as broths and things like that. Truth be told I cheat and don't do that, but it's worth a shot to see what you can tolerate. They also suggested taking Tylenol when the pain starts as well, as it could help to lessen it.

Hope you feel better!