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Help Questions about chemotherapy for breast cancer?

I was wondering if someone can give me some more info on what to expect from kemotherapy? I go to my final appointment this Friday to get all the details as to when I start and what method they will take. She said most likely I will get 6 treatments total going once every 3 weeks. I know everyones body reacts differently to the medicine and the side effects, but I wanted to get some personal experiences that any woman have gone through now or in the past. I am getting nervous becasue I dont want to be sick all the time and I obviously dont want to loose all my hair. I am 25 years old and this is all so sudden, I dont know what to expect or think. Someone told me you actually loose all your hair on your body sometimes which is even scarier. I was wondering at what point does it start falling out and do you always loose all of it or is is possible to not loose your hair? I just want this to be over with and go back to a normal healthy young life that I once had. I want to know what to expect even if its unpleasant things any info on your experince would be apprecitated.

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