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Re: Help Questions about Kemo for breast cancer?

I appreciate all your info. Glad to hear kemo is over for you. This has been such a crazy 30 days with all the tests, and everything else, I am like wow this is only going to get worse before it gets better. I am going to stay strong and not let this beat me. I just want to feel normal through this process and I dont want people to look at me like im sick and different. I do have a lot of support so thats a good thing. Did you cut your hair beforehand. They keep telling me to do that so I dont get shocked with it all falling out. My hair is long and thick and I dont want to sound like thats my only worry but I am really nervous to loose it all. Any suggestions on how to cope better with that?

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So sorry to hear you are going through this at such a young age. But stay positive, you will be ok. I had A/C 4 treatments and taxol for 4 treatments. Every other week. They give you anti-nausea meds so I never got sick. Some of the meds have side effects. I also got chemo on Friday, then by Monday I didn't feel so great. That would usually last a few days. Then the next week I felt good. I did work through the whole thing but took some bad days off. Around day 15 my hair started falling out. I never lost my eyebrows or eyelashes until chemo was all over, but they grew back fast. I did lose my underarm hair and leg hair also. But actually on the bright side, taking a shower was so quick. Chemo ended in August and all my hair is back now. So back to shaving again. I got a lot of heartburn from the anti nausea meds, bone pain from the nuelasta shot. My head was so foggy, I never lost my appetite though. Any questions you have please ask. There are so many nice people on this board. Stay strong, my prayers are with you.