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Re: Help Questions about Kemo for breast cancer?

Try to really focus, keep a stong mind, don't let this get you down. It is hard but you can do it. Your mind is so powerful. When I starting touching my hair and it was coming out it really bothered me. I hated that. I was suppose to go to a hair replacement place on a Tuesday, they "pull your hair out" which really comes out easy, then shave the rest. They then put your wig on, which I went earlier to pick out, so you walk in with your hair and leave with theirs. I could not wait until Tuesday, so the Friday before I went there, my hair was not coming out to easy so I had it shaved then had my wig put on. That made me feel better to get it over with, I knew it was going to all come out so I wanted it done. My wig is real hair, and some people could never tell I was wearing it. I am still wearing it now because my own hair is just like a boys crew cut. But is it growing and it is really dark brown. I had long brown hair before. Sometimes in the summer I wore bandanas, but mostly always my wig.
Having a big support group is awesome, I had so many friends and family that helped. I have 3 kids and divorced. So it was me and the kids. Friends cooked us dinner the week of chemo, so every other week we got dinner monday through friday. You really find out who your friends are. Everyone was so awesome, If anyone wants to do something for you, let them. There will be days you will be down, and exhausted, but you will bounce right back, you can do this you are young. It will go fast, and you will get through it with flying colors. Have you had surgery? Do you know what kind of chemo you are getting. Keep me posted and take care. I will send good throughts your way.