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Re: Help Questions about Kemo for breast cancer?

Thank you for that jojo I really needed to hear that at this exact time. I had a minor surgery last thursday and they tested 2 lymph nodes that I found out today came back positive which really scared me. My mind started freaking today and I was like ok why one thing after another why why why? I dont know what kemo they are giving me yet, but friday I should find out. I am trying to stay so strong, but I am so lost right now at the same time. I dont think I really know whats going on like I am goign to wake up and this was all just a dream, but its not, and I need to realize this and deal with it. I get this really erie feeling like if this didnt happen to me, I would have done something more damaging to myself. I guess thats what lifes about a growing and learning process. I want to share a poem with you that I ended up randomly taking out of the bathroom from the breast cancer center before while I was still going through all the tests to see what this lump was. It just kind of caught my eye and now its up at my desk here at work. It's called:~ Life's Worth~

As I look back upon the years, the time ive spent on earth. I recall both joy and tears and evaluate lifes worth.

Did I serve god along the way and help my fellow man or did I think of only myself and fail to understand?

If I pass through this way but once, accepting all lifes gifts, then I must also do my share to show my thanks for his.

This poem touched me and really made me think and apprectiate so many more things and I keep learning more and more about myself every day. Someday this will all make sense. lots of love Nichole