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Re: Too much masturbation = low sex drive?

since you are ok by yourself and not with the gf, sounds like performance anxiety. taking viagra/cealis will not help you over come it and may become a crutch and make it even harder for you to over come. You should talk to your gf and tell her about this and ask her if she will help you over come it. Most decent gf will be helpful and understand.

I took two weeks and having sex with only the gf (no self pleasure)to break it. took a week of no self pleasure to make me keep a hardon. Then another week to actually finish in front of another person. my boys were so sore by the end of that second week I could barely walk or stand to put on pants. When I was finally able to finish it was the best orgasm I've ever had! (we were trying 3x a day morning noon and night for 2 weeks.)