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Re: Help with Lab results

Originally Posted by curiousleo View Post
Thanks for your reply Benji. He went to another doctor who checked the hgh which came back at 109 i think he said they should be between 250-300. Is it true that hgh, low testosterone and adrenal fatigue causes your hgh to drop?

Will insurance companies pay for hgh if it's a need for HGH?
most insurance companies will not pay for HGH unless there is a medical condition that caused it. tumor damage to the pit gland for example. Even then the insurance companies will fight it becuase it is very expensive. (luckly my plan had a no preapproval on prescriptions so they couldnt' argue about it. though I bet they wish they could)

its all connected. since I started taking HGH my T levels went very high close to 900 (which is over normal levels) and it uncovered a Thyroid problem (more lily the thyroid was working to hard to counter the loss of hgh and it went Kaput when I started taking the injections) I'm having to wait to see what the thyroid medicine will do to the my levels and I might have to lower my T application.