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Re: Help with Lab results

That's great news Benji. You seem to know so much about HGH an di'm glad that you do.

When he went to the doctor yesterday she said she was going to see if the insurance company would pay for it or a portion of it. His levels came back at 109 when they should be between 200-300 something like that. They put him on thyroid medicines and increased that.

I don't understand where this fever is coming from the last couple of days. Hasn't had a fever in about 20 years.

I was just going back looking at some of my old post where his testosterone level was 214. since then he's been taking cyponiate injections, but doesn't feel any better. i know here recently the doct decreased that dosage b/c the dhea was to high.

Prolactin is the pit test correct which is 7.4. That means no signs of pit tumor right?