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How will I know when I am able to return to work?

In advance thank you for all of you who have provided your experiences on other threads they have been extremely helpful.

I was diagnosed officially with fibro January 07 (although a doctor had told me this a few years ago and I was in denial). While I thought I knew what a flare was last spring I had no idea until this fall. After ankle surgery and MAJOR stress at work I knew I was in a flare. I have since taken a leave of absence from work and am being treated in a partial program for depression and anxiety as well as working with my Rhumi and Pain Management specialist. Since that there are days I feel great and think I can do quite a bit, (such as laundry, cleaning around the house, getting groceries) only to
discover the next day that I am sore, exhausted and unable to accomplish anything.

My doctors have told me that I need to learn how to pace myself as I will not be able to return to the same level of activity that I was once used to. This is a slow process for me but I am trying to learn how to pace.

My work has now called and wants to know the date of my return and the level of activity for work. This sent me into a full blown anxiety attack. Realistically at this point I can not see myself returning full time to work between the level of activity, long hours and stress that the job has. Half days are not an option as I tried that with my ankle surgery and was not supported.

As for the depression and anxiety I am still in treatment and the doctors can not provide an actual date. I thought I would be in this program for a week or two, and it has now been 4 weeks. Each individual is different I am told.

So after this long drawn out storyhow will I know that my body is ready to go back to work physcially and emotionally especially as I am still in the process of learning how much activity is appropriate.

If anything has had any experience with this I would be greatly appreciative.

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