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Re: Too much masturbation = low sex drive?

Originally Posted by lexus2008 View Post

Thanks for the advice...I tried Viagra/Cialis it sometimes work but I don't want to keep taking it. I know that we love each other very much and she does understand and I love her for that. The first time it happened she kind of giggled and said that has never happened to her before. But, I kind of understood her. This week I will try not to masturbate and see how it goes. Maybe my sex drive will be higher if I have no self pleasure and just do it with my gf. I don't know...But I'll see for myself.

Thanks again
its not really sex drive. if it was sex drive you wouldnt' want to have sex period. It wouldn't matter if you could or not.

doing lots of foreplay and getting her off first is great! Means you are a good guy. You just have to not think about what you are doing when it comes to your turn. Just do it. dont think.