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Re: My best friend is schizophrenic

Hi There, Your messages makes me think you are a lovely person to stay friends with your friend that has schizophrenia. All I can say is if you love him as a person, just be there for him when he wants support and love. I also suffer with schizophrenia, and my partner understands me alot, he loves me and is there for me when ever I am down, just to know that someone loves you is enough. I think maybe your friend doesnt want to upset you when he is ill, but you can reasure him that you will understand no matter what. The symptoms way vary for him, and maybe he feels like his brain cannot take to much and he may have strange thoughts, even hallucinations. You can hear voices also with this illness when you get stressed. Maybe a good medication is needed for him to take, thats very important that he takes medication, that suits him. It can take a while to get the right meds. Hope this helps you. kind regards mandy