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Lightbulb Re: Please help me. im desperate.

I had random panic attacks for awhile...and it sounds strange but one of the only things that calmed me down was reciting something.

It started with counting 1-10, but then I needed something more concrete than I started reciting the scientific classification for living things.

Ya know, Kingdom- Phylum- Class- Order- Family- Genus- Species.

After a couple years of therapy and some intense meditation attempts I managed to get the panic attacks down to nil.

Unfortunately if you're having problems with your dad, and can't seem to fix them well you can't really help someone else's behavior so much as you can hope to influence it's my opinion you should focus on trying to control the one thing you have direct dominion over: yourself.

Try to find ways to bring yourself out of you attacks...I know it's hard but until you and your dad can work through your problems you need to deal with what *you* can control.

Hope this helped a bit,

<3 Elle