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Re: Please help me. im desperate.

Hiya, thankyou all for your replies. i wasnt sure anyone would even read my post.

My dad isnt in treatment. i have finally convinced him to ring a counciller and he just missed all his appointments and hasnt even met his counciller yet. and he said he doesnt want to go anymore.

my dad does parcel deliveries and he doesnt know where to go, he doesnt know the road names etc. yet i know most of them and im really good at map reading.

he wont see anyone about it. he went to the doctors about his alcoholism. and they did tests to see how his liver was working. he refused to go for them tests. he was sober then for about 4days. and now he's back into the frame of mind that 'he can drink if he's not at home and its ok if he has about 15 units at the pub'. which you cant do as an alcoholic! you have to completely cut everything out.

anyway it isnt getting better. as im typing this im sitting on my bed on my laptop crying my eyes out. my dad just started not just being horrible to me, but to my boyfriend, because he wont put the christmas lights up with a stapler. which is rediculous. my bf said he will do them and clip them all up. and my dad said we havent got any and the local shop has sold out for today. and my boyfriend said he doesnt want to be responsable for damaging the wires for the lights.

i know this is really petty. but for the past hour and a half my dad has been going on at me and even my boyfriend. and he just wont stop. ive turned my music on and im trying to drown out the shouting.

in about an hour he'll come knocking on the door telling me he was out of order and that he's sorry. and that he'll never do it again and he doesnt want me to feel bad. and then another hour later he'll find another imperfection with me.

i just feel stuck. im 18 and like i said i have a few problems myself. i would move out but money is the issue really, ive applied for a few jobs (like over 10) but none have got back to me yet.

i just feel so stuck in this situation. but i cant go through this any longer. its killing me

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