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Re: What kinds of foods can you eat when food stays stuck in your throat/

Originally Posted by aleet7 View Post
On occasions I get food that sticks. At this point I call my doc because I usually get to a point where I need an upper GI to stretch my esophagus. At his point I eat broths, or foods like creamy mac and cheese(moist foods) because dry foods tend to stick.

As the other poster asked, do you feel like a lump is in your throat or is there actually food that's sticking in one spot?
Hi aleet7 --I'm new with gerd diagnosis --re: the previous question from Lourdes --have you had acid reflux for a while? Is it normal for food to get the "stuck felling"? Does your heart pound/race during and after eating?
Having your esophagus strected is an option? I ask all this because I'm in such pain and I'm having a hard time too eating - I'm down to oatmeal, applesauce and yogurt --losing a lot of weight to fast. I went yesterday to have a PH Bravo test done, so I have the capsule in me now -- have to wear it a few days, the feeling is like I have a hook in my espohagus -weird., but the food sticking is an awful feeling and scarry too.

I hope everyone has a better day.