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Is this I.B.S

Well lets get right to it. I've been dealing with this for the last 5 or so years, maybe longer. My problem is that everytime i go out late at night with friends or maybe a girlfriend i start getting these god awful cramps , Which in turns leads to very very watery diarrhea. If im on my way to my destination it never happens, but coming back home late at night, when i know there is no restaurants or stores open so i could use the bathroom, ill start getting bloated, then the cramps start, and then i have to pull over somewhere and use the bathroom. And it almost always happens or starts in the same place while driving/riding back home. Its very embarrasing to go anywhere with friends. Im 22 years old, Male i do suffer from pretty bad anxiety, panic attacks which i am prescribed xanax, Which doesnt seem to be helping this issue, it does help some but not enough. Another thing is that i smoke, and if i smoke while on the trip back home it causes it instantly pretty much.

Any thoughts?

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