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Originally Posted by SHMILY View Post
What would cause my B12 to be high. Mine is 1140 with a range of 211-946
Hi Shmily,

To consider: EU ref ranges for normal serum B12 are higher than US standards, with 600 being the bottom cutoff for normal. Not sure what their upper level is.

One possible reason for high B12 is a glitch in the body's methylation cycle & in the usage of folate. During methylation processes, B12 is used up (& recycled to some extent). If there is a block in the methylation cycle, or if there is a deficiency of certain forms of folate, B12 can build up.

If you are generally in good health, perhaps your B12 level is an indicator of a really great B12 recycling system. On the other hand, if you are symptomatic, you may want to do some reading about the body's methylation cycle. Methylation interacts with everything ... and 99.9% of MDs aren't up on the concept of methylation deficits related to genetic variation.

A good starting point for research on methylation might be something written by Amy Yasko, a Naturopath with a Ph.D. in biochemistry, who has helped many people with neurological issues, chronic fatigue, cardiac & other chronic diseases, through application of her understanding of the methylation cycle. There are books & DVDs available. But, warning -- highly technical -- can chew up months if not years of your life trying to understand it. And the testing is highly specialized, not cheap, gen. not covered by insurance.

Best wishes.