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Question just diagnosed...

Hi everyone,
I was just diagnosed with PTSD this week--caused by some things that happened a few years ago, that I won;t go into.
The truth is, I know very little about PTSD, what causes it and how it manifests.
I previously had a very specific idea of what caused it and how it affected people.
I am just confused becuase I don;t have flashbacks, or even much anxiety based on what happened--though I do have a sort of general inabilty to "let go" and relax anymore, and I feel more emotional in general, though I thought that might be becuase of the difficult break-ups I have undergone over the years, and the pain that resulted-- not necessarily the seperate "trauma" i had.
I am also wondering if a break-up itself can cause PTSD. I don;t think so, but my anxiety attacks began after a messy break-up I went through, from a long-term realtionship i was in.
Then, not long afterwards i had some expereinces that casued my PTSD. And my anxiety went triple-fold.
The thing is, I had been experiecing extreme ammounts of anxiety and depression before the traumatic stuff happened (sorry to be so vauge) and that just compounded it--leaving me with a general sense of abandonment, isolation, sadness and fear.
So my questions are:
what constitutes as a trauma? can a break=up be considered a trauma if it's a severe emotional, sudden loss?
What are the manifestations pf PTSD? How does it effect one's behavior in general?
I'm sorry my post is so all over the place, I am just trying to untangle the roots of my problems, and sicne the trauma and the break-up coincided--I can;t always tell what feelings I have now are a result of the break-up loss, or a reaction to the trauma.
Or both....
confusing, I know.
Thanks for listening.

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