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Re: just diagnosed...


I am going to try and pick your statement apart then answer it from my perspective just to make it easier.

"So my questions are:
what constitutes as a trauma? can a break=up be considered a trauma if it's a severe emotional, sudden loss? "
- Anything that has an effect on the mind or body in a negative fashion can be considered a trauma

"What are the manifestations pf PTSD? How does it effect one's behavior in general?"
- They differ from person to person how they are effected. Common grounds which vary in severity from person to person is an increase in anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, hyper vigalence, etc. Some people are able to lead a normal life with PTSD while others need work and time to get to that stage

Triggers are the big them and a lot of people have a lot of triggers that differ in severity to them. I have triggers where I will just swear as they are pretty tame but at the same time I have triggers that will bring on the darkest of depression in what feels like moment. One of the goals in recovery for this disorder is to recognize, deal with and take away the power of the triggers. The thing is triggers can be anything from a change in mental state to food to places to certain people so they are difficult to nail down. As for the stress part I have found when my stress level has gone up my triggers become a lot more sensitive.

Anyway hope this is helpfull and any more questions or concerns this board will gladly help.

take care
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