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Question Testicle size and shape

I've been feeling my testicles for the first time lately. I've heard that you should examine them regularly and I thought it might be fun. Now I'm concerned and I'm having a hard time telling what is normal.

All the testicles I find on the web look different from mine. I try to especially find pictures that are related to medicine rather than sex, but I don't get anything that makes things clear.

I have not been able to find any that resemble mine. For starters, everything I have found look at least slightly bigger than mine, but that's not concerning me. I am slightly worried by the fact that my right testicle is larger and lower than my left.

Is my right testicle too big? Is my left testicle too small? How on earth could I figure that out? There is no pain in either of them unless I press too hard.

I have found the epididymis of my right testicle by feeling my scrotum and it is very sensitive. I think that's normal, but I'm mentioning it anyway.

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