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Re: just diagnosed...

what constitutes as a trauma? can a break=up be considered a trauma if it's a severe emotional, sudden loss?

Yes, it could. Also, if you have another trauma lurking in the back somehwere, this new emotional upheaval could be a trigger.

What are the manifestations pf PTSD? How does it effect one's behavior in general?

As was mentioned by trg and Phoenix, every one of us is different. We also all have different causes of this thing. I get flashback dreams and insomnia, could occasionally (but not consistently) be called hypervigilant, and have a mean startle response. But I don't have panic attacks and other typical PTSD symptoms. It also effects us all differently, and some of us are more functional than others.

One thing's for sure, though. Coming here is a good way to get some support. The people here are great.