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Re: Good News - Long Wait


As long as my son is in the picture I will continue to fight and work towards the final goal. Like I have said many times before I made him a promise that I fully intend to keep.

If I end up in a real bad place for whatever the reason will I go to my doctor ..... no. The new program I started will hopefully be in a position to provide the help I need that is after I finish the next two modules and then go for the meeting with their team, no idea what I am going to do if they don't think they are in a position to help me which is a possibility but I will find that out late January. Anyway back on track from now on my relationship with my doctor is simple he is there to prescribe meds, my risk factor is no longer his business nor is any progress or slide that is going on. He wants to play games with me that is fine but I make the rules and I don't know how to lose. I know what meds are working and which ones are not, Seroquel is working Nardil is not or at least not very well it is his job to make the right adjustments and thats all he needs to know. His "too borderline" and "untreatable" comments took him right out of the original game, if it was possible to get a new doctor I would have done it by now and he knows it. I regret telling him anything about my past but stupid me thought it would make him open his eyes and put him in a better position to help and it worked while I was an inpatient but now he acts like he barely remembers my name let alone how my brain operates. Sorry for the tirade

take care
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