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Re: Could it be a hemorrhoid?

First of all, I'm like you, anything out of the ordinary with my body scares me terribly. Blood especially! The next time you go to a doctor, by all means, tell him/her about the bleeding.

If you sit on the stool and strain, yes, that can cause hemorrhoids. My colo-rectal surgeon said that the main 2 causes of hemorrhoids are sitting on the stool for long periods of time and having a hard bowel movement that causes excessive straining.

I have a bad hang-up about using public bathrooms for bowel movements too. And, even as a child, I would worry about my health.

Drink plenty of water, and if you can, eat some green veggies and fruits daily, unless you have diarrhea and cannot eat those types of foods. Whole grain bread and cereal are much better for you than refined food.

Since I've had colon cancer, I have been on both anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. Perhaps a psychologist or therapist of some type can help you deal with your feelings. Reading a good book like "The Power of Positive Thinking" may be helpful.

You are young and should be enjoying life as much as possible. So spend some time with friends and family and try to enjoy the holidays.

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