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Re: How will I know when I am able to return to work?

Thank you so much for your replies. While I want to return to work, I am learning right now it is just not possible. As I type this I am in extreme agony--it hurts to sit, lie in bed etc, etc. The past few days have been great days so I've been shopping for the holidays, running a few errands and attending doctor's appointments (all normal stuff I would do after work in the past) and today I am suffering. I can't even imagine how I would survive a day at work as today it is so awful. I am a school principal and my job involves alot of running around, and long hours. Also anytime I have a conversation with a person from work or talk about work major anxiety takes place.

I've talked to my therapist (who has RA and can relate somewhat to what I am going through) and she feels it is best that I apply for long term disability through work. I can officially do that at the end of February. My focus will from now until June will be to put in place routines for taking care of me--exercise, healthy eating, pacing ,etc.

Thank you again. This forum is a god send for me.