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Re: Sciatica - no "leg" pain - but burning feet? (m)...

I have had the same problem with my feet for 9 yrs. The pain is much worse in the right foot. I can't wear socks or shoes or even have the bedsheet touch my feet. They are also cold all the time. I was diagnost with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) originally and after an MRI the pain doctor at UCLA thinks it's from my lower back. I just had an injection (Transforaminal ESI with Fluoro Guidance for Lumbar Sacral Spondylosis Radculitis) done Dec 20th. It was no help with my foot pain. However, the doctor has me scheduled for 2 more injections, 30 days apart. He claims that works for 70% of people with the burning feet. If that doesn't work then they will install a spinal cord stimulator. I'll let you know if the next injection helps my feet. It is scheduled for Jan 17th. You may want to try Lyrica or Cymbalta, they didn't work for me but who know?
Hope this help!

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