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Strange "scraping" throbbing noise

November 19th I had tubes put in my ears and an adenoidectomy. All is fine, but last week I came down with a head cold. I managed to keep it away from congesting my ears till two days ago. That night I noticed gurgling in my ears, thought it was water, and put my drops in to no avail...they came right back out. Then, I figured my inner ear was swelled up/had fluid in it from the cold. Well, the next morning I itch my ear, and it was FULL of dried nasty fluid, then as I got further in it was still wet. I then realized this was probably a good thing - the tubes drained all the fluid, now I should be ok...nope. Still inflamed, i guess, because my ear still feels congested.

The weird thing started happening last night in bed. I'd turn my head, and i would hear this throbbing in sync with my heartbeat - no big deal, that's happened tons of times before. Especially since i was congested, it's even more noticeable. But, then I noticed that for about 1/4 of a second before the heartbeat throb, there would be this strange scraping noise. I can only describe it as rubbing a fingernail against a piece of paper.

Then I started getting the tube in my ear scraping against my eardrum or something?

It only happens (i hope) in my left (congested) ear.


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