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Re: Quick question before tomorrow, please Midwest? Reece?

Your Ferritin is quite low. Lab ranges vary from lab to lab, but I think the low end of the range usaully tends to be around 10 or 12. Ferritin is your iron stores. You can have normal iron serum levels, but have low ferritin. It is the precursor to becoming anemic.

Are you hypo? It is not at all uncommon for someone with hypothyroidism to have low ferritin. Mine is at 15. Try not to worry about it too much. There are lots of reasons for low ferritin besides colon cancer. A relative of mine had a ferritin level of 4 and it turned out that it was caused by GERD. It can also be caused by monthly blood loss through menses.

You want to aim to have your level of ferritin somewhere between 70-90. Raising ferritin isn't a quick fix. It usually takes time to get your levels back up.

I don't know all of the symptoms of low ferritin, but I have read that hair loss is one of them and fatigue also. From what I understand it can mimic many symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Hope that helps.

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