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Re: Quick question before tomorrow, please Midwest? Reece?

Thank you, Reece, Talbet, and Heckofagal,
I appreciate your responses. If I was seeing the DOCTOR {endo} tomorrow, I wouldn't have even asked, but since I found out I am seeing the "NEW" PA, I want to be informed. This is all still "new" to me, too. Yes, I WAS hypo for RA-I tx due to cancer tx, but my TSH which was checked 2 weeks ago, {due to missing a period,} was .17, and now it is .29 today, so I am no longer hypo. The surgeon said today that the endo will boost my Levothyroxine tomorrow to further supress the TSH, which I fully expected. I won't lose sleep over the Ferritin, I was especially curious if that is why my hair is falling out, I have thick hair, but I certainly won't at this rate. I never would have even known to ask about the Ferritin, so thank goodness, I read and educate myself through ALL OF YOU!! You are a very knowledgeable group and for that I am VERY thankful!! I never have even heard of Ferritin before. I'm sure the docs probably don't just routinely request it, so I am glad I heard about it on here. We'll see what the new PA has to say. I am reassured that I had a colonoscopy about 7-8 months ago, and all was fine. You just innocently come on the internet to read about low Ferritin, and all of a sudden I am reading about the HIGH incidence of colon cancer in pp. who have low levels of Ferritin. I got off, and decided to ask all of you, so I appreciate your responses so much!!