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Re: Hi new here, need help please, kinda nervous and desperate

Neckpatient, THANK YOU so very much for answering my post! It is greatly appreciated. I was afraid to check on here again and see it slipping further down with no replies.

The info you have given me is very helpful and has put my mind at ease, very much so. Whats bothering me is that I am very very dizzy, nauseous. and losing my balance, to the point of walking and almost falling forward, I'm basically off balance now. The pain is intense, along with bad headaches now, despite the regimen of my meds for my other spine issues, especially in my shoulder and going up the left side of my neck and into my left ear.

I also am starting to feel tingling in my pinky fingers, off and on though. I just didn't need to deal with all these new problems. I was trying to decide whether to have my lumbar fusion when this happened. Hoping I can get into see my Surgeon tomorrow and I also want to see my Ortho spine rehab doc, he'll be back the 10th. So for now, I'm taking it very easy. The collar though, owww, very very uncomfortable, I actually think its too big for me. Its a medium, but they didn't measure me, just had someone come in and put it on immediatly after the MRI results and was told "Do not remove it at all".

I am going to request a full body MRI, although my neck pain was through the roof when I went to the ER, its the first time I've ever rated my pain at a "7", my lower back is hurting more than usual too. I just feel really really *off*.

As far as the ER being overly cautious, I think the doc may have been due to what the MRI showed and my prior MRI had no problems at C3/C4, but not everyone there cared. I won't get into specifics, but I was told if they don't bill my insurance, then I don't get seen! Thats not right at all! I have to see what happens next.

Thank you so very very much for your help. Someone else mentioned that the thecal sac was a bundle of nerves that the spinal fluid flows through and thats why its so painful. Ohh, I can vouch for that.

Again, you kindness and thoughtfulness in answering my post and helping me is greatly appreciated.