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Re: Energy level up - ability to sleep down

OK folks here is the results after 4 mos. on 125 mcg:
TSH - .043 (.27 - 4.2)
T4 - 13.2 (4.5 0 12)
T7 - 4.2 (1.0 - 3.8)

Two months ago TSH was .84 - T4 was same - T7 was 3.8

I asked for a free T3 and T4 as I did last time and they come back with this T7 thing which someone previously said was of no value. Anyway, my TSH is lower and T4 higher so I am waiting to hear from the doctor as to whether or not she will decrease my dosage. I mentioned to the nurse when I went to have blood drawn that I felt I was to the hyper side and her reply was "I sincerely doubt it". I have actually cut a tiny bit off of my 125 pill for the last 4 days and it may be just a fluke but I have been able to sleep and itching has decreased. I don't know if the effects of a little less medication would be that quick or not. SOOOOOOO what do you guys think about my new labs. Hyper or Not????

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