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Re: Energy level up - ability to sleep down

Chestersmom-I am not an expert at all on the tsh. If it were me though , I could not deal with a tsh at that level . I would not able to sleep, too revved up,tense all the time, on edge ,ready to cry, irritable etc.One thing I have learned over the past year, if my dosage is going to change, I want it done in small increments. Also, why wait four months with a dose change to see how it is going. I have not heard of such a long wait before. It might suit you better to ask for a check at about 6 wks. or so. As to the t4-it looks hyper to me too. I went hyper once too with too high a dose. The only good thing about that lousy experience is that now I definitely know how hyper feels- and it is something I want to avoid in the future. I have not heard of t7.