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Re: Lingering Incontinence? Try "Stream Control" Kegel Exercises


I think you may want to do some research on the stop and start method you are advocating. As with so much of medical “science” there are conflicting opinions on this practice.

I’ve been on pads 24/7 since my RRP in 2000. In my last (of many) attempt to get the incontinence under control I went thru the bio-feedback drill. They hook your buns up with electrodes so you can watch on a scope to learn the specific muscles for leakage control. As I suspect is the case of many men doing the big K maneuvers, I was not doing them correctly. I told the nurse my prior practice was doing the stop and start technique which was recommended by many of the medical resources on the net.

She told me in no uncertain terms that experience has shown this to be potentially dangerous to the ureters and kidneys because of back pressure. Micturating is a complicated interaction of some muscles relaxing and some contracting. Once the detrusor muscle starts expelling urine, slamming the sphincter shut doesn’t instantly cause it to relax, thus causing a hydraulic pressure wave back up. The ureters are tiny little tubes and repeated pressure hits MAY cause problems for some people.

Just a thought…..