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Re: Very Red Face With Flaking Dry Skin On Face

A former co-worker of mine had this and she used to drink a LOT of water.. she said it seemed to help with the symptoms.

I get eczema which is terribly dry and itchy and just as bad looking... I use Aveeno cream as a moisturizer. I'm not sure what you would use to get the redness to go away though. I now have a couple different script creams for the eczema.

I don't know how long you have had this condition, but if you're not having luck with your current meds, call your doctor and tell them. Perhaps they can suggestion something different. Also,if you've been using the same med over time, sometimes you can build up a resistance to it, therefore, swtiching to a new med can help, as the former med is no longer effective.

Good luck

[QUOTE=temoty;3367646]Hi everyone,

i'm so glad i found this forum. My dermatologist diagnosed it as sebborehic dermatitis...

i also have it on my scalp. So it's the face and scalp.

It drives me crazy sometimes. I've used some topical steroids like Elidel and desonide...

I think it's somethign internal.

Can anyone tell me what has worked to cure this for them? I would really appreciate it.

Diet? Salt and Water? Probiotics?

Any advice is appreciated


Tyler [/QUOTE]