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Re: Very exhausted and just need some opinions.

You are most certainly NOT being trivial! Your job is 24/7. Your husband's job is what, 50 hours a week? I can't stand when men act like staying home is nothing and it's the easiest job there is.

My children are very similar in age to yours, however, I'm not pregnant with my second. I had this issue with my husband about a year ago. What I did was make a list of all the jobs I do, childcare, housekeeper, chef, chauffer, etc., and went online and found what each of these professions makes in my area. I then tallied it all up and showed him the bill. I said I would gladly work his job if he could a) do mine, or b) hire someone to do mine with these costs in mind. He thought I was exagerating so he spent an entire Sunday with the children while I shopped, got my hair done, etc.. I wanted him to see what I did. I NEVER heard one ill word about it again.

You NEED to speak to your husband again. You should have one weekend day to yourself a week for YOU. Whether you choose to work or whatever is your business, but you need a break. He doesn't get it and you need to find a way to make him hear and appreciate you. It may take a couple tries and a few approaches but I'm sure you can do it.

Please let me know how things go. I'll be thinking of you. Us SAHMs have to stick together!